Drum outtakes

Hello.  I really only stuck these tracks up here to share with a specific group of people... but it seems that in the process, the link to this page has been spread to the masses... which is fine.  Because of what (and who) they appear to be, I understand the mass appeal.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

Since putting these up to share, I have received a number of emails and a number of telephone calls about them.  In an effort save time and effort on my part, I'll try to answer the questions (which really boil down to just a few specific ones) that I've received below.  As I mentioned before, I really only stuck these tracks up to share with a specific group of people.  Unless you're part of that group (you know who you are), please DO NOT email me or call me.  In my job, this is an incredibly busy time of year for me, and I just don't have time to tend to all of this.

Are these actually drum outtakes of John Bonham?
I don't know.  I believe that they are.  I don't have any reason to think that they're not.  But again, I don't know for absolute certain.

Do you have the master tapes that these came from?
No.  And further, I have no idea where to find them.

Can I get these in an uncompressed/lossless format, like .wav?
What you see (hear) below is what I've got... and it's ALL that I've got.

Who did you get these from?... can you get me in touch with them?
I got these from a friend that's part of the group of people that I mentioned above.  I recently talked with him and asked where HE got them... and his came from a friend, too... and he gave me exactly what was given to him, so what I've got is what he's got, is what his friend had... and so on.  In any case, he really doesn't have any more time to try and dig this backwards than I do.  Like I said, what's below is what I've got.  Neither of us know where they came from... we just know what and who they appear to be... so take that for whatever it's worth and just enjoy them!

2-11-2005... After receiving more mail about these today, I'm going to go ahead and take them down.  Some people have been incredibly insistent on knowing more details - details that I simply don't have.  I do not know the origins of these.  I'm not a sound engineer or a record producer (I write tax software for a living).  I didn't manipulate or process these files in any way... I was only sharing what was passed on to me.  I believe these to be Bonham.  If you don't, FINE - don't grab them, and don't try and argue with me about it.  I'll leave them here for a few days, and then they're going away...

Track 1 - 2.15 MB Track 13 - 1.79 MB
Track 2 - 1.51 MB Track 14 - 2.48 MB
Track 3 - 366k Track 15 - 680k
Track 4 - 669k Track 16 - 533k
Track 5 - 823k Track 17 - 2.27 MB
Track 6 - 1.36 MB Track 18 - 1.22 MB
Track 7 - 606k Track 19 - 3.16 MB
Track 8 - 211k Track 20 - 1.36 MB
Track 9 - 859k Track 21 - 249k
Track 10 - 324k Track 22 - 2.80 MB
Track 11 - 1.00 MB Track 23 - 1.19 MB
Track 12 - 462k